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  • Fast, comprehensive thematic searches
  • Transcend marketing hype to see all relevant players

AlphaSense Impact:

  • More comprehensive, data-driven analysis of market landscapes
  • Faster POV into emerging trends

IBM’s Market Development and Insights (MD&I) has professionals located around the world that consult with IBM decision makers across geographies and business units to provide strategic insights that help drive better business outcomes. In this new era, IBM is reshaping industries with expertise in Cloud, Analytics, Security, Mobile, and the Internet of Things—changing how businesses create, collaborate, analyze, and engage. At the heart of this transformation are Market Development & Insights analysts, who provide a trusted, objective view of the market and its impact on IBM, empowering IBMers to drive actions that grow the business. Alison Pearson is Advisor, Corporate Initiatives, in MD&I. In the MD&I team’s ongoing work to support the organization’s innovative vision, certain pain points emerged:

  • COMPLEX DATA SEARCHES The MD&I team has several sources to consult but historically encountered friction when researching a theme or broad question. Since many data firms only allow a search by individual company name or aren’t clear where the specific data point is within a document, thematic search results are often limited and can be time consuming.
  • NON COMPREHENSIVE RESULTS FOR FIRE DRILLS Like many big companies, requests for data or insights at IBM happen fast and frequently. Turnaround time can be limited, and manually parsing search results hindered their ability to provide comprehensive answers quickly.
  • INCOMPLETE SOURCES It’s critical that the MD&I team shows a variety of perspectives and insights when presenting results. The sources available didn’t always give them all perspectives.

Always on the lookout for the latest tools, the MD&I team started using AlphaSense and as Alison pointed out, “The value seemed obvious very quickly.” Big questions could be answered much more comprehensively and rapidly: executives want to know what the competition is doing in AI, and in order to do so they need to understand: where’s the money going? Who’s investing? What type of client is buying and for what use case? How many people within a company are actually dedicated to that project? It always comes down to, what is the impact? What does it mean for IBM?

"The value seemed obvious very quickly." Alison Pearson, Corporate Initiatives, IBM MD&I

To give a complete answer, MD&I needs to get behind the “marketing veil” all these competitors are hyping, and find hard facts and numbers. With AlphaSense, they feel like they can. Given that their work is shared with high-profile, high-impact teams at IBM, AlphaSense has changed the game for them. The team now feels more confident in its analysis and knows it is focusing less on hunting for data and more on high ROI analysis. And that confidence is demonstrated in their workflow: AlphaSense is often the first source the team consults for topic/theme searches.

Other critical sources of value:

  • Relevance Score: AlphaSense Relevance score leverages finely tuned algorithms to surface the most meaningful search results. When running a complex search with broad results, sorting by Relevance allows the team to hone in on the most salient information, fast.
  • Depth of insight: AlphaSense content is broad and deep. The MD&I team has examples in which data from months ago was just as important as a document released yesterday. Alison mentioned an example: an acquisition in an industry she follows was announced but no external analysis was available yet. But in AlphaSense, she was quickly able to find an old broker report that had hypothesized the acquisition with multiple ideas and outcomes that helped her provide an external view for her analysis.
  • Instant Alerts: Some MD&I team members are interested in specific competitors. Using email alerts, they are immediately notified of any key changes, data, or results, which not only makes their job easier, but also ensures their output is first rate.

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